crazy logo

this is the crazy logo.I call it red eyed packman. i really don’t know what this logo could be used for. maybe for the new packman  on drugs. but eh… i really don’t know why theirs a B there.



First step i did was Color balancing it. Then i sponge the picture. sharpen the other kid  a lot i mean a lot of sharpen. after that i played with the smudge tool. it was cool to see the water move like something was in it.


This is my colorize is the horde symbol from world of warcaft. Im really proud of this. I work really hard on the song. I like the song more than the animation but i still think it turn out better than expected.


lesson 6

lesson 3

lesson 2

I choose assassins creed’s picture again. The reason i choose this picture is because it looks super cool. I used plastic wrap on it in photo shop. I really like this game so thats i choose this time of assassin creed picture.


I choose pictures of assassin’s creed. Because I love the game and being able to put a bunch of assassins creed’s best pics together is really cool.   blending assassins creed  pictures was fun. I liked using photo shop to blend my pics together.Because It was pretty easy.    


 The symbol is from world of warcraft. I drew this because  I like the horde symbol compared to the alliance symbol. Plus it would be easier to color it. I think easier to draw the horde symbol the alliance symbol too. Im not really proud of it I think I should have spend more time on tracing it.